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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer is over in the meadow

Meadow ready for cutting
All to soon the meadow flowers are over and its time to cut and remove all the dead flowers. The lovely sunny weather has suddenly brought all the flowers to an end ,and the also time  to put the meadow to sleep until the spring just the contractor to cut the Hawthorn  hedges.  Even though the flowers are finished there are still things  to see and the meadow is constantly changing through Autumn and into winter . There will be more bulbs to be sourced and buy and plant seeds to buy and plugs to have ready to plant out next spring
All cut ready to collect


Nearly done collected into heaps

Flossie quality control  approves the almost finished job 

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  1. I haven't been out walking the trails much this summer. In fact, at the house, I never got summer planted. All I had in the flowerbeds this year was the perennials and several volunteers. Thanks for a lovely travel through time. I have enjoyed your meadow.
    Don't know if they would be appropriate in Wales. My volunteers include cosmos, cockscomb, black-eyed Susan, and cornflower (which you already have).