Welcome to the blog of my Wild Flower Meadow for 2015.
A bit late starting this year due to nasty persistent virus that was so difficult to eradicate.
Sadly this may be the last year I may be keeping a blog for my meadow . The house and acre of land will be going on the market in the not too distant future . The new owners may put the land back to grazing or development who knows .
I sincerely hope not.
I hope it will be as loved and nurtured as It has been since I started it in 2006
In the mean time I will endeavour to keep the blog up to date with lots of pictures showing how the plants and wildlife play out in 2015 .I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I do producing it.
Please pop back from time to time to see the new additions and feel free to add any comments

Thursday 23 February 2012

Stirrings of spring at last

 At last the stirrings of spring are showing themselves at last . The snowdrops that I planted last spring are flowering beautifully at last ,they stretch 3/4 of the way down the meadow and I hope to buy some more to finish them off over the next few weeks.
This little Celendine now showing it's first flower these will make a beautiful mound of sparkling golden flowers in a couple of weeks time. They make huge swathes at the roadside and seed freely .This one is very slow to multiply,I'm sure it isn't setting any seeds 

 I saw  these beautiful little blue flowers  (Anenome Blanda) planted in huge drifts in the Botanical Gardens at Glasnevin just outside Dublin many years ago  The memory of it tempted me to plant  them here in my meadow. It will take many years before look here as they do there but you have to start somewhere.
The winter here in Wales has been very mild with very little frost ,but we have had strong wind gales and endless rain . the soil in the meadow is like  a soggy wet sponge. The up side is that the trees are starting into bud and the daffodils are not far off flowering.
The seeds in the new Irish wild flower border have started to germinate already .I'm really excited about this little project. Not only will it add even more diversity in the way of many extra wild flowers that I don't have here already , it will be a constant memory of wonderful holidays with our wonderful friend Frances in co Kildare 

Friday 3 February 2012

Euphorbia lathyris in flower

Euphorbia lathyris growing in greenhouse
I'm having real problems with Moles this year, previously  I just used to plant plenty of  Euphorbia lathyris and it kept the meadow free of moles. For some reason this no longer works.I am frantically searching the net for alternative mole repellent plants.I don't want to resort to traps but if I can't deter them I will have to try live traps.
If anyone has any useful suggestions I would be very grateful.
Large Mole hills

Loads of mole hills

And  yet even more mole hills