Welcome to the blog of my Wild Flower Meadow for 2015.
A bit late starting this year due to nasty persistent virus that was so difficult to eradicate.
Sadly this may be the last year I may be keeping a blog for my meadow . The house and acre of land will be going on the market in the not too distant future . The new owners may put the land back to grazing or development who knows .
I sincerely hope not.
I hope it will be as loved and nurtured as It has been since I started it in 2006
In the mean time I will endeavour to keep the blog up to date with lots of pictures showing how the plants and wildlife play out in 2015 .I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I do producing it.
Please pop back from time to time to see the new additions and feel free to add any comments

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Summer is over in the meadow

Meadow ready for cutting
All to soon the meadow flowers are over and its time to cut and remove all the dead flowers. The lovely sunny weather has suddenly brought all the flowers to an end ,and the also time  to put the meadow to sleep until the spring just the contractor to cut the Hawthorn  hedges.  Even though the flowers are finished there are still things  to see and the meadow is constantly changing through Autumn and into winter . There will be more bulbs to be sourced and buy and plant seeds to buy and plugs to have ready to plant out next spring
All cut ready to collect


Nearly done collected into heaps

Flossie quality control  approves the almost finished job 

Monday 15 July 2013

Early July flowers updated

Birds foot trefoil
Lotus carnicculatus

 symphytum officiale

Tufted Vetch
Vicia cracca

Dog Rose
  rosa canina
Double Welsh Poppy
 meconopsis cambrica

Single Welsh Poppy
meconopsis cambrica

Wild Garlic ramsons
Allium ursinum

Common Chicory
 Cicherium intybus 

Greater knapweed
Centaurea scabiosa


Meadow Cransbill,
Geranium pratense

Wild carrot 
Daucus carot 

Oriental  Poppy
Papaver Orientale

Candelabra Primula
 Proliferae primula

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Late JuneFlowers

Creeping Buttercup
Ranunculus Repens\
Queen Anns Lace
Cow parsley
Anthrisus sylvastris
Crab Apple
Common Sorrel
Rumex acetosa
Symphytum officiale

Apple Blossom
Malus Domestica

Sunday 7 July 2013

June didn't let us down

The meadow didnt let us down in June  a gorgeous show although still late individual flowers to follow. A lot of flowers missing this spring maybe just late . grass getting a bit too strong .I will have to plant more yellow rattle for next year

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Just a few of the birds who are nesting with us this year

One  of the five pair of swallows that have made our buildings home for the summer  if I can keep the Kestrel from getting inside the buildings there is a good chance  we could have 60 swallows leaving for africa at the end of the summer 
This little chap looks too small to be out on his own yet, but Mum  Knew where he was and is feeding him 

Meadow flowering at last

The Meadow is now moving on a pace The 2 weeks of good weather have pushed the flowers on after these following days of rain when we next have a dry spell I'm expecting an explosion of flowers especially the Ox eye daisies .The moles are having a field day most annoying that I have to shovel up all  the mole hills before I can mow the grass

Thursday 30 May 2013

A late start to flowering in 2013

I have been in Ireland for two weeks . We are so far behind here in my meadow I reckon at least 3 to 4 weeks.
Meadow before it was cut

Meadow after it was cut

Apple Blossom

Crab Apple Blossom
The apple blossom is fully out and looking gorgeous but the wild flowers are way behind what they have been in previous years 
On my return I cut the grass redefining the island beds .  
The yellow rattle is well established now, so hopefully will help to control the grasses . 
Saw the first fungi today but I will have to get it identified on ISPOT and edit later

Unidentified fungi

I've added Aquilegia  to the bed at the top of the meadow as another early food sorce for the bees

Friday 19 April 2013

Mid April In The Meadow

The weather has been so cold that the meadow is a good three weeks later Than it was last year.The upside being that the daffodils have really lasted well in the colder weather and it has only been the gale force winds of the last few days That has caused their demise

Orange Oxslip (Primula veris)

Common Oxslip (Primula veris)

White Fritillery (Fritillaria meleagris)

Purple  Fritillery (Fritillaria meleagris)
M2013 /M15

Common Daisy ( Bellis Perennis)

Grecian Windflower Anenome
Blanda Blue2013/ m17

Hoary Bittercress (cardamine hirsute)

Honesty Lunaria  annua