Welcome to the blog of my Wild Flower Meadow for 2015.
A bit late starting this year due to nasty persistent virus that was so difficult to eradicate.
Sadly this may be the last year I may be keeping a blog for my meadow . The house and acre of land will be going on the market in the not too distant future . The new owners may put the land back to grazing or development who knows .
I sincerely hope not.
I hope it will be as loved and nurtured as It has been since I started it in 2006
In the mean time I will endeavour to keep the blog up to date with lots of pictures showing how the plants and wildlife play out in 2015 .I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I do producing it.
Please pop back from time to time to see the new additions and feel free to add any comments

Friday 23 September 2011

One woman went to mow , went to mow a meadow lal lal la !

Started with  the mowing of the meadow this afternoon .First I cut with the Alan Scythe This has a long bar about 3 feet long with blades like fingers that chop the dead flowers off close to the ground . Then I have I have to collect it all together with a pitch fork  and stack it into a hay stack. The remaining  stubble is then mowed with the mower at three different heights until it is short  but that isn't until every bit is picked up first
Both sides have had their first cut , collecting begins tomorrow. This is the only part of the meadow that is really hard work , but it only works out at two or three full days a year . The rest of the year is nice things like planning for new flowers, sowing seeds and planting bulbs  .The best bit is all the spring and summer day seeing what has come to fruition. 

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