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Thursday, 13 March 2014

spring is just around the corner

First cut of the grass

Daffodils all in Bloom

Rosa Rugosa coming into leaf

quince beds bursting
Suddenly the weather has turned and  a few warm sunny days any everything is awake and rearing to go . I have  given the grass its first cut to give the flowers a sporting chance against the grass . and redefined the island beds .In the top island I planted over a 100 assorted Alliums of various stages of maturity so only some of them will flower in 2014.
The daffodils are in full bloom the full length of the meadow  they have filled out really well in the four years since they were planted. 
Anemone Blanda is starting into bloom as is primroses and the main flush of cowslips.wont be far behind . The top bed which I must admit I gave up on last year as thousands of dock seedlings emerged and the bed was over run . So that is the challenge for this year to sort it by hook or by crook.
Although I am thrilled with the meadow attracting wild life I am not thrilled with the arrival of the Rabbits . What I am going to do about this I really dont know . One family has made its home in my garden and has wrecked my strawberry bed.
 The Moles are also quite a problem making huge Mole hills that I have to remove every few days , and the Voles well they seemed to have reached a balance now providing food for other things I suppose .Buds on the Quince tree are starting to break as is the Rosa Rugosa giving a real feeling that spring really is just around the corner.

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  1. A joy to see you blogging again - I look forward to following your year.
    Spring is early here in Switzerland - I hope you will follow my year also:
    Kind regards,